To Know What Matters: Don't Live Or Leave Without It: Prioritizing Wisely: Rethinking What's Most Important

By Marjorie A. Johnson
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In a world where time is distributed in so many directions, it is essential that we prioritize in a way thats most beneficial not only to ourselves, but with a lasting impact on others. What then, is our highest priority and how should our priorities be set? As we investigate what really matters, we may find that our priorities need a thorough readjustment.

When we prioritize the right way, when our priorities are in alignment with Gods Word, when our priorities are in order, where and how we spend eternity is Priority One. Since the souls of men are in jeopardy when they are void of a personal relationship with Christ, not knowing Him as Lord and Savior places them in a dangerous position. So their reconciliation to God is a most urgent matter. This book was written to speed up and enhance your search for that relationship, but the Bible still has the answers.

About the Author

Marjorie A. Johnson was born on the Island of Barbados, West Indies, and relocated to the United States with her family in 1963. As a NYC HRA retiree and residing in Brooklyn, she enjoys time with family, including her church family. As a Missionary at the Mt. Olive Pentecostal Church of Faith, much time is given to ministering the love of Jesus both inside and out.

Although Marjorie enjoys writing, there is nothing that thrills her more than engaging in one-on-one sessions with people, to listen to, strengthen, and to encourage them. She is not called, however, just to share the love of Jesus but also to defend the Gospel.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 120