To Be Frank And Earnest

By David K. Meyers
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Frank Malloy's desire to know about his father results in finding more than he is willing to immediately accept because he discovers his newly found family is more different than he ever imagined. The fictional story of Frank's paternal family is historically factual and accurate. The documented information interwoven into this tale is meant to illustrate how legal systemic racial hypocrisy influenced the life decisions of the real and fictitious characters in this story. What makes the story unique is the amount of fully verifiable information from official sources such as court and census records. 

Although many if not most African-American families have similar stories that emanate from slavery, this is one of the fewer stories that can be fully documented back into the slave era, making it very unique. The relevance is that it contributes to today's growing discussions regarding the racial attitudes embedded in modern American society. It is the author’s hope that this book contributes positively in this national discussion in an entertaining yet enlightening manner.

About the Author

David K. Meyers is an aspiring author living in central California who also publishes under the pseudonym D. Keith Mey. He is a computer programmer and software business owner, with a background in radio broadcasting. He has previously published a book on landscape photography. Mr. Meyers enjoys hiking, taking outdoor landscape photographs, and other outdoor activities. He is a licensed pilot and aviation enthusiast, and has traveled extensively.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 198