Tithes Offering Record Keeping Journal

By Gloria Ferguson
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Tithes Offering Record Keeping Journal is a work put together for readers who are looking for a way to organize the records of their charitable donations. It is the authors hope they will use this record-keeping journal not only for the purpose of recording but also as a reminder of the importance of supporting Gods work. Several scripture verses are included, which focus on blessing, giving, and multiplying, and they may encourage readers to remember the tremendous blessing of God in their lives and in the lives of others. Next, the author offers twelve-months' worth of record-keeping materials, labeling each page with a month and including yet another scripture verse for each month. These pages are grids with places for dates, church names, gifts, offerings, check numbers, and the specific amount of the check or cash gift. After this there are pages each labeled with a book of the Bible for taking notes. This book inspires readers to give more of themselves often. As they see their totals adding up, they may begin to see how well God provides for those he loves through them and others like them.

About the Author

Gloria Ferguson has three children: Nichole, Robert, and Joshua. She is a member of Glad Tiding Church in Hayward, California. Ms. Ferguson enjoys her daily walks, intercessory prayers, gospel songs and her favorite Christian television stations TBN and DayStar. This book is not about her, it is about building Gods Kingdom. Through fasting and praying, she had asked God, to please let this be in your will Lord and not my will Lord. The Lord had answered her prayers and it is all in his planned for his Glory. The spirit of the Lord had told her, your break through is on the way, your break through is on the way, your break through is on the way, do what I tell you to do. May God open new doors of blessings and healing to each one of you and watch and see what the Lord will do in each one of your lives through out the world.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 46