Tips To Consider Before Building Or Purchasing A Computer System

By James T. Schneider
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Are you looking to purchase a new computer or upgrade your current system? James T. Schneider offers Tips to Consider before Building or Purchasing a Computer System to help consumers determine their needs and how to meet them in an efficient system, without being taken by computer retailers and so-called experts. Learn the basics of how CPUs, motherboards, and hard drives are complemented by operating systems, sound and video cards; decide which printer, monitor, scanner, and media devices are best for you; and realize the importance of power backups, cooling systems, and protective software that keeps your system running smoothly. Tips to Consider before Building or Purchasing a Computer System is a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to learn more about computer technology.

About the Author

After working for twenty-six years in the chemical industry, James T. Schneider is now the Vice President of Starlight Computers, LLC. He holds a private pilots license and eight U.S. patents relating to chemical processes, chemistries, and equipment design. A native of Trenton, New Jersey, Schneider and his family now live in Columbus, Ohio, where he is a member of the Tailspinners of Central Ohio and the Handyman Club of America. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, remote control aircraft, mechanics, and computer fabrication.

Published: 2005
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