Times In My Mind

By Janlisa Parris 
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Times in My Mind is the unforgettable story of how Janlisa Parris’ strong intuition and will led her to be who she is and where she is today, which is still in the land of the living, without losing her mind. She came through trials and tribulations that were put on her and which she surely didn't ask for.

Let Janlisa remind you that you have to fight for your rights to have a productive life through your challenges. Overcome the shame and guilt of what is not yours.

About the Author

Janlisa Parris volunteers at her church food pantry and a member of Women of Grace Book Club. She is a proud U.S. Army Veteran. She holds a B.S./two M.A. degrees. She plans to continue her Doctorate. She is certified in Youth- Mental Health First Aid (to help to identify Youth who may need MH care).

Janlisa and her husband, Darrel, enjoy spending time with their two beautiful granddaughters (nicknamed Grace and Sugar). She also enjoys reading, writing, computers, and going to the gym.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 76