Time Between

By Lucas Patt
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A mystifying occurrence takes place between the death and dying of Charlotta Aims. Her body is discovered in her brand-new Mercedes found parked in an alley, posed with a red rose, and her beautiful face has been made hideous with layers of gelatinous makeup. Her body is wrapped in a wedding gown, and missing the little finger on her right hand. How she died, why her body was defiled, and how she ended up in a bad part of town is unknown.

Barry Gunther is an ugly, little man with a persona warped by a troubled childhood. He engages in morbid hobbies, including one he calls ‘Flesh Painting,’ a hobby that has nothing to do with body art, but everything to do with immortal preservation.

The investigation leads detectives to a mortuary where they must stay alert to stay alive. Together they make gruesome discoveries, and they all point to Barry Gunther as the killer. So, too, does the forensic evidence, except for one set of unidentified footprints. Still, Detective Sorensen is confident he has his man until he receives a phone call from the victim’s psychic aunt who lives in Sweden thousands of miles away. She reports a dream that unsettles the lead detective and casts doubt on his conviction.

Added to this mix of intrigue is a jealous husband, a spurned high school jock, a not-so-feminine housekeeper, and three employees of an exclusive car dealership.

Time Between will leave readers guessing until the very last page.

About the Author

Lucas Patt lives in Nebraska. Patt has published articles in Memory Makers, CNA, Great American Crafts, Memory Magic, Family Tree, and Rubber Stampin’ Retailer. In addition, Patt has written and illustrated an idea book published by Krause Publications. During a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Sweden, Patt was inspired to write Time Between. Returning to the U.S.A. Patt began penning a draft of Dan’s daunting experience inside the Vadstena castle.

Having beaten the 4% - 6% odds for surviving pancreatic cancer, Patt is grateful to live to finish Time Between. Now cancer free, she hopes to use her publishing success as an inspiration for others to keep fighting and make dreams come true. May God bless this work, and may you enjoy this story as intended – scary entertainment and a cause for pause. Her hobbies include paper crafting, writing, riding a four-wheeler and nature walks. She has a husband, three grown children, and twelve grandchildren. Her favorite role in life is being a grandparent.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 412

Customer Reviews

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Swans Matt

Got really engrossed in the hunt for Charlotta's killer but the dreams & fantasy angle didn't bring much to the table in my opinion. That being said, Gunther was vividly drawn and the detectives Sorensen and Hornell deserve a spinoff! Great first effort!

A real page turner

I read this book in a half day. I couldn't put it down. The first few chapters were pretty graphic and intense so I almost stopped reading it it, but I persevered and was very glad I did. Everything was explained and I didn't find out whodunit until literally the last page. And it was someone I never suspected. I really, REALLY liked this book and hope to see a sequel.

Mary Larsen
Time Between

I finished the book yesterday! It was thrilling! I was imagining I could walk right into each chapter and see each character and surroundings. This author has a real talent for writing and describing each detail so the reader feels like they are physically there in the story.

Unique Murder Mystery & Awesome Characters

I love the twists and turns in this story--you think you know who the murderer is, and then suddenly...you're off and running in a different direction that delights your hope for mystery and surprise. It's easy to care about the characters even as you are horrified at the behavior of some of these human beings. This book is an excellent examination of the impulses and needs we wrestle with every day and keeps you turning the page.

Excellent who dunnit book

This book kept my interest the entire way through. I wanted to know who did it so I read it to 3days. Was not who I thought it was going to be.