Tilley And The Shining Star

By Mary Harvey
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Tilley is having trouble at school. The kids tease her and her new friend Judd because they do something at lunchtime that no one else does: they pray. As the teasing grows more unbearable, Tilley’s dreams of a kingdom with a shining star turn to nightmares, and the shining star begins to grow dim. What can she do to stop the kids from their hurtful bullying? How can she and Judd pray in peace?

After many years of reading scripture, Mary Harvey was led by the Holy Spirit to write this book so that young children today might be comforted by talking to Jesus through prayer. No matter what, the strength and light of His love for us will never dim.

About the Author

Mary Harvey is a Christian grandmother enjoying life in the Texas hill country. She has written several spiritual poems, many of which have been published in poetry books, as well as two unpublished screenplays. She also loves drawing portraits of friends and family, or the occasional Elvis or John Wayne.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30