Through The Mist

By Willie P. Smith
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About the Book

Through the Mist is a romance and fantasy novel about a girl named Lilly who passes through a mysterious mist. In another world, she meets a young prince. After a few meetings together, Lilly begins to fall for Prince James, and he for her. But the prince lives in an ancient world of castles and dragons, while Lilly lives in the present day. How could she possibly convince her grandparents of her newfound love?

Author Willie P. Smith invites readers on a journey to experience the power of love, which can conquer any realm.

About the Author

Willie P. Smith was born on December 13, 1937, and raised on a farm outside Thompsonville, Illinois. He moved to Benton, Illinois, when he was twelve. He has served his community by enlisting in the Navy (four years), Coast Guard (two years), working for the San Diego Police Department (thirty years), and Yavapai, Co. Arizona Sheriff Department (S&R, ten years).

Smith has four wonderful grown children, nine grandchildren, and twenty great-grandchildren. He was very happily married to his high school sweetheart for sixty years, now deceased.

Smith has written and published two books: Mysteria (Children) and his autobiography, Autobiography of a Nobody, Then till Now. He has also written and published many poems of all genres. One of his poems is engraved on two monuments in front of the San Diego PD and in the police officer cemetery, El Camino.

Through the Mist is an enjoyable addition to the children’s fiction and romance genres. The author welcomes any feedback at and

Published: 2019
Page Count: 58