Through The Eyes Of A Killer

By   Scott Millard Atherton
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Through the Eyes of a Killer takes you deep into the minds of murder for profit schemes like snuff films, secret agents and organized crime. Dive into the world's of Axel, Jennifer, Vic, Louie and Chase to see which disturbing task will come next. You will be biting your fingernails as the story unravels as you witness the five main characters' meet their fate. This is a dark tale, not for the weak hearted.

About the Author

Scott Millard Atherton, aka Buz Bomb, began his entertainment career in 1984 playing in band after band. In 1996 he finally went solo and released numerous albums, most of which were recorded from 2013 to present. He also ventures into the worlds of musical videos, web series, live performances, podcasting, promotion, and booking and has written a previous novel, They Call Her Christina. He holds a bachelor’s in visual and performing arts.

Atherton is married with two adult children. He currently resides on Long Island, where he was born and raised.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 272