Through The Eyes Of A Cloud: A Bedtime Story

By Nancy Wilson Waters
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It’s a beautiful spring day in the Pacific Northwest. The sun is shining. The animals are playing. One tiny white puffy cloud named Cloudy watches from the sky, wishing he could play too. But the animals all run from poor Cloudy, preferring the warm sunshine. At last, Cloudy feels content just to watch the happy animals. As the sun sinks low and the animals settle in for sleep, so does the tiny cloud, ready to see what adventures tomorrow will bring.

About the Author

Nancy Wilson Waters was born and raised on an orchard in a small Oregon town, surrounded by nature. With a desire to see more of the world, she moved to the East Coast and worked as a secretary for a large corporation, and for a couple of years she had the pleasure of raising African Grey parrots. Her favorite job, however, was being a nanny. When it was naptime or bedtime, the children, like most youngsters, were never ready to sleep—and thus Cloudy was born.

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"5 stars...What an adorable book to share with your favorite little one."

 Through the Eyes of a Cloud ~ A Bedtime Story
 She put her heart and soul into this book and it is visible on every page.
I'm looking forward to reading it to my Great Grandchildren.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 44