Through Pink Streets

By Kurtis Krumdick
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On the cab ride home I felt good. In my book this wasn’t an official date, a fact I had made rather obvious, but if it had been, it would have been a good one. I always hated the pretense of first dates and tonight, together, we had avoided it completely.

I actually anticipated seeing him again. For now, I was happy.

This collection of short stories features queer love and bonding in many of its forms, though the stories vary widely. Like all of us, the characters in this book struggle with connections and finding meaning and happiness. So, while the stories focus on the experiences of the queer identity—largely gay male—their struggles and triumphs will be felt by readers of all identities.

About the Author

As a queer person, Kurtis Krumdick feels particularly close to this collection of short stories and the characters in it. The author has always been attracted to weird, quirky characters—the misfit, the rebel. Krumdick uses writing to explore what it means to be human, the beauty of human connection, and the reality of having connections severed. Above all, words are Krumdick’s passion, and, as a book lover, Krumdick’s dream is to one day own a library.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 142