Through Kayli's Eyes

By Sharon Passmore-Holliman
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Through Kaylis Eyes: Autism and Abuse in Schools is a deeply personal account of one mothers struggle to protect the educational rights of her special needs child. Ms. Passmore-Holliman argues that many of our children who require special accommodationsand are legally entitled to those accommodationssuffer in government facilities, including schools, simply because the people in charge do not understand our children. Her experiences are a testament to the need for parents to pay close attention to their children, to take seriously any sudden change in their behaviors, and, most importantly, to be willing to believe what those children are saying.

About the Author

Sharon Passmore-Holliman lives in Georgia with her husband and their three school-age daughters. Employed as a Licensed Practical Nurse, she also enjoys singing, spending time with her family, and participating in various church functions.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 32