Three Stories: An Indian, A Force Of Nature, A Boy

By James Robert Stewart
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Three Stories: ‘An Indian,’ ‘A Force of Nature,’ ‘A Boy’

Author James Robert Stewart brings you three short stories in Three Stories: ‘An Indian,’ ‘A Force of Nature,’ ‘A Boy’ that will encourage you to consider alternate beliefs, theories, and concepts, much like the author does in each piece.

The Goal follows the story of Lone Bear, an Indian living off reservation in a small mountain town. Lone Bear enacts a grand plan to revolutionize the culture of his tribe, and to change the White Man’s predetermined thoughts towards Indians. Will he succeed?

Dawn of Time is a sci-fi / fantasy story that studies the relationship between Dawn and Roger, two celestial spirits who are tasked with an overwhelming mission to perform on behalf of God, all the while battling the influences of Lucifer. The task is existential. The two spirits are vulnerable. The odds do not look good.

Casner is the story of a young boy who is targeted and attacked by a bully. While Casner is dealing with the big emotion of fear, his family and the school must determine the best course of action once the bully is caught – strict discipline or leniency. As the adults enact a plan of punishment, Casner is tasked with a decision he isn’t sure he is ready for. Adult decisions are not easy for a child to make.

About the Author

James Robert Stewart has always been curious and fascinated with the logical and provable laws of science and nature, which lead him to study a lot of mathematics. He believes mathematics has the key to a lot of the foundations of our world. Before becoming an author, Stewart obtained Master of Science Degrees in Education and Computer Science, an Associates degree in Accounting, and minors in both mathematics and chemistry. He is now retired after spending ten years as a tutor in mathematics at a local Community College.

When he is not writing, Stewart’s interests include following tennis, golf, and – occasionally – football and baseball, and every year, he tries to watch the March Madness. He refers to his family as a “blessing in all ways,” with wife of thirty-eight years Evelyn, son Robert, daughter-in-law Stephanie, and granddaughter Serenity.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 218