Three Siblings

By Harish Noudiyal
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A multifaceted issue such as poverty has been a consistent problem throughout history. Some are born into it and some from society reason neglect.

Three Siblings is a fictional story based on facts that occur from generation to generation, especially in the countryside. It combines moments of pain, agony, poignancy, struggles, compassion, tragedy, hunger, and hope that one day, God willing, the situation can be solved by either nature or somebody’s involvement and changing the whole atmosphere.

About the Author

Harish Noudiyal is originally from India’s countryside footage of Himalayan plains. His childhood was pretty painful. Born into a poor family, Harish has seen his share of suffering, hunger, and poverty.

A graduate from Indian University with a BA, Harish has worked for the Board of Education, NYC, for the last 29 years as an assistant teacher in special education. He is especially interested in helping needy people.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 64