Three Best Friends

By Mary T. Leonard
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An action-packed story about bravery and tenacity, starring three unusual heroes three farm dogs, who become three best friends.

Three Best Friends is a dramatic, action-packed adventure story, which sweeps the reader along as fast as the waters of a storm-swelled river. The story builds superbly to a climax, and the release of tension towards the end is something the reader will need as much as the characters. There is also a fine supporting cast of characters in the residents of the farm and the town of Lebanon whom youll feel youve gotten to know well by the end of the story. Its clear that Ms. Leonard is writing about a place she knows, and a subject with which she is very familiar the countryside, and the rigors of life in a farming community and it shows in the vibrant picture she paints for us. She handles the underlying message of Three Best Friends friendship, loyalty and the need for courage when defending those you love in difficult circumstances with subtlety and grace.

About the Author

With Three Best Friends, Mary T. Leonard has written a short story that young adult and adult readers alike will love.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 92