Thoughts From October

By David Montes
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Have you ever been at a crossroad where you chose to continue your life with one person instead of another? Where you didn’t select the person that excited you, but allowed your fear to keep you with the person you thought was safe? What if years later you realized that you had made the wrong choice? Do people get second chances?

Sometimes there is an incident that can be so traumatic that your brain will bury the memory of it.

It will lock this memory in a dark box and drop it to the bottom of the deepest ocean of your subconscious…never to be found again. What if you went digging for this memory? Could you forgive yourself after you exposed the truth about what you had done?

David looks in the mirror and sees the aftermath of an event he can’t remember. He can feel the guilt in his body, but he can’t remember what caused all of the scars. Jennifer tells David that she also has moments from her past that she can’t remember. She can feel the fear in her body, but she chooses to keep her story hidden.

Will the truth set them free, or just imprison them even further?

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 182

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Fascinating Read!

Thoughts From October is a wonderful narrative through the eyes of a young man who experiences devastating earthquakes in his hometown and his life—introspective dialog of the journey to rebuild.