Thou Shall Not

By Sharnnell Spivey
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About the Book

Thou Shall Not by Sharnnell Spivey is a suspenseful thriller that concerns a group of people interconnected by their personal and professional relationships. The attraction that comes from breaking the seven deadly sins and the 10 Commandments affects each person in the novel, whether it is the handsome and successful businessman, Collin, or the drug-addicted street urchin, Carmen. No matter who a person is or how enviable their life might seem, he or she is bound to have some type of struggle, whether God is part of their lives or not. What ultimately matters is that God can forgive and provide a fresh start, as long as the heart is truly repentant. A clean slate is possible through the Lord, even if a person has done something as wicked as kill.

About the Author

Author Sharnnell Spivey is inspired by her love of reading, art, and the happenings of everyday life, specifically how people handle and overcome their own struggles. Ms. Spivey is a very spiritual person and tries to follow the teachings of the Bible as best as she can. She loves that there is a God who forgives and gives people the ability to forgive their own transgressions. The godly notion of forgiveness is a major inspiration for this novel. Ms. Spivey also tries to encourage those she meets on a daily basis because, in her own words, “in the end, there is only one ‘us’, and we are all unique and bring different things to the world.”

Published: 2020
Page Count: 162