This Is Who I Am

By Akansha A. Gawade
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This Is Who I Am is a creative tale that introduces young children to the idea that science and the world of nature are closely connected to personal emotions and experiences of life. By detailing the beauty and wonder of change in nature through the transformation of a caterpillar, this charming story emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and courage. While the changes that the little caterpillar sees taking place are alarming, he learns to celebrate his development, and the simple narrative shares this experience in the manner a young child can identify with and appreciate. This Is Who I Am encourages the reader to anticipate growth and change and provides a positive and entertaining model for learning about nature.

About the Author

Akansha A. Gawade is currently a student at Susan E. Wagner High School, where she is a member of the varsity swimming team. Ms. Gawade is also actively involved with a number of community organizations, including the Richmond County Kiwanis Club, the American Red Cross, the City of New York Parks and Recreation, and the March of Dimes. In addition to writing, she enjoys dancing and scientific research. A native of Mumbai, India, Ms. Gawade has lived in New York for four years. This Is Who I Am is her first published book.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 24