This Is The Truth: Authority And Jurisdiction

By Arminda
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This is the Truth concerns the very foundation of our Republic’s promise to all Americans. Every official holding office is required to abide by this foundation through their oath of office. Violation of this oath of office has severe consequences of which the average person is oblivious. Our government is based on authority and jurisdiction. The essentials are simplified here for the common person to understand so that they can hold public officials to this code of office, therefore securing their own rights under the law.

About the Author

Arminda began her journey learning about the foundation of our Republic because she was being treated poorly in court even though she had a good attorney. The attorney she hired seemed hesitant in defending her position before the judge.

After one particularly frustrating event, she was standing in her kitchen feeling frustrated and overwhelmed at the monumental task of getting relief from the court and asked for help. Rick came into her life and tutored her on the very foundation of the court system. He brought all the knowledge down to two points: Authority and Jurisdiction. He said, "Do not budge off. They never do it right." She does not always prevail against the system; however, she now knows what the truth is.

Rick has since left this world. The information he passed onto her is now being passed onto you through this book. Her desire is to show you that you are enough; you are capable of clearing the great fog created by the judicial process and keep the abuse at arms length. 

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 78