This Is My Story: How I Walk To The Voice That Speaks To Me

By Deloris B. James
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In This Is My Story, Deloris B. James shares one womans calling from God to write a testimony to her faith and the outcome of her walk with the Lord.

From her birth, she has felt a strength of conviction that was implanted in her. Even as a child, her devotion to her father in addition to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, was evidence of her solid character and dedication.

Although life has not been easy for Deloris, she has always been able to persevere in the safety of Gods love and protection. Her story shows that God will guide you, if you only listen. In this case, He had to instruct her three different times to share her testimony with the world before she finally acquiesced.

Share in the story of her devotion and commitment to serve the Lord God and ride the ebb and flow of her strength and enthusiasm. She called upon her family and friends for their support during the pursuit of her calling and is at last victorious in reaching her objective. This story will inspire you to reach for your hearts desires.

About the Author

Deloris B. James was born in Alabama and currently resides there with her husband, Michael, in Mobile. She is the mother of one grown daughter, Jennifer, but also has a large extended family.

She views her written work as a testimony to her spiritual strength and her unconditional love for the Lord.

In addition to her writing, Deloris also enjoys sewing.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 86