This Is Bliss

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By: Bliss St. Quinton 

About the Book

“What in the ghetto, whack, alternate version of my life is this? This Is Bliss? Nah, can't be. ’Cause I for damn sure would've done a better job. Right?”

Smart, attractive in her own right, and cool, Bliss finds herself asking this as she grapples with one hot mess after another, sending her back to the beginning for answers. Can she find them in time before coming face to face with her old nemesis? And will it be enough?

Told in a fresh, unique voice, This Is Bliss is far from your average coming-of-age, coming-out adventure with its funny, raw grit and realness sure to appeal to adult, romance, poetry, erotica, and LGBTQIA genres alike.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 78

Customer Reviews

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Sonni Rai Baldwin
Deeply intense breakthrough,I find this writing bold and courageous gutsy

I know that it takes a lot for a courage in the face of life evil debauchery for a person to step out of their own comfort zone and be bold enough to put in words a crisis to the world. From the inside out this is it. Don't let it happen again to child! Guard /Protect your Children with your life!