Third Time Was Not A Charm: Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

By Teddy Bowers
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Third Time Was Not A Charm: Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

Abuse has no gender. Teddy Bowers learned this the hard way after his affair with and subsequent marriage to a covert narcissist with narcissistic personality disorder.

From finding the courage to stand up to his abuser to the struggles of the ensuing divorce, Teddy uncovered the realities of narcissism and narcissistic abuse. He now shares his tale to serve as an advocate and ally to other victims and to bring awareness to the topic.

This true story of one man’s life and firsthand experience being a survivor of narcissistic abuse shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Help and healing are possible.

About the Author

Author Teddy Bowers is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys camping, hiking, and fitness training. His favorite outdoor sport, however, is off-roading in his Jeep, or doing anything else Jeep or 4x4 related.

Bowers is a fan of other sports, as well, including NASCAR and football at both the college and national levels.

Often referred to as a social butterfly, Bowers genuinely loves meeting new people, and he brings a fun, carefree attitude wherever he goes.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 276

Customer Reviews

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A great read for anyone who has been through narcissistic abuse

"Teddy Bowers" has captured a heartfelt, extremely well documented case of narcissistic abuse from the hands of a female covert narcissist. This book is a great read for anyone who needs validation and healing from their own experience so they can realize they are not alone. Narcissism doesn't discriminate when it comes to gender, and Teddy is a perfect example of that.

Cheryl McBeth

Easy read. Very captivating with in-depth look at about the harmful impact of narcissistic behaviors. Surprising twist and turn.