Things No One Tells You About The Baby's Arrival

By Gabriela Orsi
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Things No One Tells You About the Babys Arrival

At some point in their lives, most women become mothers. Becoming pregnant and bringing a new life into the world can be a scary and overwhelming process, full of the unknown. Things No One Tells You About the Babys Arrival by Gabriela Orsi addresses issues that face most new mothers, from coping with floods of visitors in the first weeks to tips about breastfeeding.

Orsi covers the trials and joys she experienced during her pregnancy and the first few months of her firstborn childs life. Things No One Tells You About the Babys Arrival is a comfort to new or expecting mothers and a heartwarming source of reminiscence for those who have already experienced the beginnings of a family.

About the Author

Gabriela Orsi, Brazilian, native of Piracicaba, So Paulo, is married and has one daughter. With a degree in Elementary Education, Orsi worked for years educating children in the Salesian Teaching System. In 1999 she earned a degree in Law and a graduate degree in Business Law in the area of Contracts. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian, she has participated in several different courses held in Brazil and abroad. She earned a certificate from the Central Missouri State University in cooperation with Department of Criminal Justice Department and helped form Latin America's first Forensic Studies Association in Crdoba, Argentina. Today she works as a businesswoman, dedicating herself to the management of her companies.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 76