They Killed Us

By David Albert Black
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When people around the world begin reporting the appearance of mysterious images of children in their mirrors, law enforcement officials are quickly faced with a terrifying reality. Aborted children, whose souls have been relegated to a place between heaven and hell, are joining together to exact justice. They appear to their parents, some to take revenge and some simply to convey their grief and communicate their demands for change. They Killed Us explores the consequences of political and moral actions through a surreal drama and challenges us to reexamine our stances on abortion and how our society protects our children, both born and unborn. ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Albert Black is a native of San Francisco and a graduate of San Francisco State University. He has a California Real Estate License and is a retired cable car conductor. He currently resides in Georgia and owns property in both Georgia and California. The father of four children, he enjoys a broad range of interests, including jogging and weight lifting, listening to jazz, reading, watching films, and investing in real estate.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 104