There's Still Unfinished Business

By E. L Discipline
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I am back with another thriller, THERE’S STILL UNFINISHED BUSINESS. The trilogy in the “Stuck Between Two Different Worlds” book series. This is an intense, mysterious, suspenseful, Jaw-dropping, page turner of a masterpiece. However, before diving into this book, you must be aware of some things. First, you can’t play with the devil and expect things to never get hot! If you sell your soul, the devil will always come back to collect. Second, the game is rigged, but you can’t lose if you don’t play. When you’re in a ‘lose-lose’ situation, the wrong move will have you paying the price. The right move doesn’t always mean...the right decision. When principles are involved, the consequences now come with massive interest. These repercussions will leave you with Unfinished Business. And lastly, there’s a new game, but the rules haven’t changed. When the tables turn, sometimes you must play the only chips you have. Cash those chips in at the right time, but the wrong place, it may no longer be Business. Things become all the way... personal!

About the Author

E. L Discipline was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. His parents come from the Caribbean islands (Haiti and Dominican Republic). He is a unique author of many different genres of books, and what you can get from them are constant hidden messages. It doesn’t matter what the title or the genre of the book is. He is constantly facilitating education along the way, whether it is romance, BDSM, viewing the world differently, awakening consciousness, energy, vibrations and frequency. Some of his books are controversial and he enjoys conducting his own photo shoots for his own book cover ideas. He’s disrupting the status quo. He’s breaking statistics, barriers, and glass ceilings. As a young athlete, his intensity and passion catapulted him in building this insatiable appetite for success. He has taken that hunger and dived into a plethora of things. He is a certified personal trainer, a college graduate, an athlete (as mentioned above), a multi-published model in print and digital magazines, a multi-published author, and a writer. He believes being a young male of color and where he comes from, you are not required to be a musical artist or professional athlete to be successful. He believes you are not a product of your environment. His accomplishments are not one thing, because he says he is not one thing. Stay tuned to see what other ventures he embarks

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32