There's No Humility In Art: The Poetry Of Aquila And Cee Cee

By Aquila Lynch and Cee Cee Robinson
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There's No Humility in Art: The Poetry of Aquila and Cee Cee

There are people who get up every morning, eat, groom herself or himself, work for eight hours or more, go home, and then tuck themselves to bedunaware of the truth around them or simply ignoring it. Not these two women.

Aquila Lynch and Cee Cee Robinson have been keen observers of everyday happenings around them and have strong opinions regarding issues of personal, national, and global concerns. These things drove their artistic sense to new heights and resulted in a collection of poems worth every page of good read. Be prepared to encounter lifes superficiality, insensitivity, courage, loyalty, and wisdom in words that could linger for a long time within your hearts and minds.

Born in Manhattan, NY, and raised in Fort Myers, FL, Aquila Lynch has always used creative writing to foster her eclectic imagination. She views poetry as an emotional outlet to express her feelings. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, art, music, movies, traveling, and hanging out with her close friends.

About the Author

Crystal CeeCee Robinson-Gary is a native of both Fort Myers, Florida, and Greenville, South Carolina. She is currently employed as a RN at a local hospital in Sarasota, FL. A music addict who also enjoys painting, art, traveling, and hanging out with her friends, CeeCee feels writing is therapeutic medicine. She is a self-described social butterfly.

(2012, paperback 66 pages)

Published: 2012
Page Count: 66