There's A Mouse In My House

By Don Reuschel
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There’s a Mouse in my House is an amusing story about a little girl’s pet mouse. She learns how pet mice stay active, how they search for food and the chaos that can ensue when things don’t always go as expected.

As you read this book to your children, you will notice that the brightly colored illustrations coupled with the short, easy-to-read sentences will help hold their attention and enable them to recognize words quicker. Plus, when the text matches the illustration on each page, they tend to remember the words and story longer.

There will be a total of nine books in this series, so be on the lookout for new books soon to follow.

About the Author

Don Reuschel is a retired engineer and realtor who always enjoyed reading to his four children and thirteen grandchildren. He applied what he learned from reading to them into each of his books.

Don loves to participate in and watch all types of sports. He also enjoys music and has written and recorded a song for each of his children and grandchildren. He enjoys traveling and has walked over a hundred miles of the Appalachian Trail with his son and grandson.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 30