There Is A Tomorrow: My Life

By Burgel Mertens
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There is a Tomorrow: My Life

There is a Tomorrow: My Life is an engaging and compelling autobiography that recounts how Burgel Mertens has seen the grace of God working through her life and sustaining her through many struggles.

Growing up in post-war Germany, Mrs. Mertens and her family suffered under communist rule, and the author risked her life at a young age to escape to West Germany. Even then, tragedy seemed to follow her family, but her faith, determination, and perseverance carried her through the many challenges that arose for her and her husband.

The consistent theme of There is a Tomorrow: My Life is Gods continuous presence and the authors appreciation for the divine guidance she has seen working in her family over the years.

About the Author

Burgel Mertens is a native of Germany and now resides in Alberta, Canada, with her husband, Peter. She is the mother of two children, Sylvia and Robby, and her personal interests include cooking ans baking, creative art, and traveling, in addition to her writing.

The artwork on the front of this book was created by the authors older sister, Edith, and hangs above her bed as a reminder of gods watchful gaze.

Published: 2009
Page Count: 58