There Is A Secret Up There

By Ben Shannon
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About the Book

There are things in this world that remain unseen by many in their lifetimes and it is this unfamiliar territory that Ben Shannon explores in his work, There Is a Secret Up There. Through these two short tales, Shannon first recounts his encounter with a UFO. Although this story seems too fantastic to be true, he unearths evidence that shows his sighting was not a unique event. As he examines the details surrounding these landings, another theory begins to take shape, which brings the aircraft and its inhabitants into a more earthly, humanistic setting. In Alaskan Buzzy, Shannon travels north to Alaska looking for work when the jobs in his hometown have dried up. There Shannon confronts the unpredictable weather, the trustworthiness of his traveling companions, and the irregular nature of work which was promised to be bountiful. During these travails, Shannon comes to realize what he values in life and also adopts a new, selfless companion who has Shannons best interests at heart. By exploring the adventures of his life, Shannon delivers deeply personal stories of the many facets of human nature.

About the Author

Ben Shannons work as a semi driver and heavy equipment operator led to the experiences he shares in his writing. With a wife and five children, this Michigan native is a member of the Loyal Order of Moose and the local golf club and also enjoys hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 84