Then And Now

By Regenia S. Moody
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Taking her cue from personal inspiration from her faith, other people, and the world around her, Regenia S. Moody poetically reflects on her own experiences and observations through her original verse, relating her thoughts and feelings Then and Now. Her deep and abiding faith in God and his plan for mankind are quite apparent in poems such as A Message from Heaven, Bless Angel, and Do They Understand: But having come so far from what we derived,
We appear better than what we are labeled as truth:
We were never that badwe cannot be had. Through verses such as Got This Image, Journey of Pride, and No Challenge Too Great, she reflects on her experiences and emotions which have shaped her to be who she is today: The baby of my siblings
The one beloved.
The one everyone admires and adores
I am the seed that was born, I cannot be scorned. She shares the value she places on the friends and family in her life through poems such as Family Ties, My Friend, and Words for Little Sister: Be careful, little sister
Real treasures can get caught up remember, little sister,
Be smart and dont give up. Personal and provocative, emotionally revealing and frankly honest, Regenia S. Moody offers the reader a glimpse of her deepest heart and faithful soul through Then and Now.

About the Author

Residing in her native Georgia, Regenia S. Moody is attending East Georgia College where she is majoring in Criminal Justice. She is a member of the Wiregrass. In her spare time, she enjoys classic cars, traveling, cooking, and shopping.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 32