Their School Days: When Darkness Comes Screaming

By Cedric
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Two grandmothers strive to make a better future out of their grandchildren, whom they have to nurture amidst an environment full of vices and violence. Some of their childrenthe parents of their grandkidswere either killed or jailed, all because of the wrong decisions that befall most of the youth in the community.

One day, after listening to the loving advice of their two grandmothers, the children made a pact and promised to stick together and help each other through their school days. They tried hard to be true to the promise, but the challenges that tested the strength of this bond soon came.

Could Grandma and Sister Grand lead their grandchildren, who were mostly in high school, to a better life? Could they give them hope as they cope with the pressures of being victims of their vulnerable selves, while they lose more friends whom they care and love to the bullet? Would the children achieve their dreams beyond anybodys expectations?

About the Author

Cedric works for Ford Motor Corporation as an auto worker. He is a member of some community groups wherein the opportunity to help the homeless, the lost, and the addicted presented itself. He enjoys long, leisurely walks and writing.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 66