Their First Teacher Is You!: If You Want To Become A Better Parent, First Become A Better Person A Loving And Encouraging Memoir For Parents, Written By A Teacher And Father

By Duncan C. Nutter
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Their First Teacher is You! If You Want to Become a Better Parent, First Become a Better Person A Loving and Encouraging Memoir for Parents, Written by a Teacher and Father

About the Book

Their First Teacher is You is a memoir and parental advice mash-up. Father of seven children and author Duncan C. Nutter has a unique and varied background not only as a father but as an educator for primary and middle-school students. His primary goal is to make parents more conscious of what they are modeling for their children. This is not a how-to guide but a call to action for parents to begin to acknowledge their accountability in how they live their lives and the best way to model their lifestyle as a positive and nurturing environment for their children. Nutter himself has struggled with being bullied, physical and mental abuse and has turned those challenges into learning experiences, becoming “that teacher,” the one who demands all students are held accountable for their actions through academics and behavior while keeping his own example in check. This is a powerful model for parents as active parent involvement with positive examples speaks volumes over words.

About the Author

Duncan C. Nutter was taught from an early age that anything is possible. He went on to spend twenty years directing and acting in over fifty school and community plays. Additionally, he has taught students for over thirty years in seven different countries. At forty, he pursued acting and moved his wife and seven children to Queens, New York City. This led to being cast in a reality show and flown to Chicago as guests on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Nutter enjoys traveling, having been to forty-two countries and forty-five states, long walks, playing tennis, and chasing around his grandson.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 226