Thee Book Of Thermatic Briefalations In The Key Of Life: Volume I

By Thee Bros. Rideman
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Born from the need for more meaningful communication, The Book of Thermatic Briefalations in the Key of Life: Volume I is an intrepid, humorous, and extraordinary documentary of Truth.

Through their Briefalations (compact messages-of-thought), the authors offer a work of surreal, contemplative philosophical entertainment. It is their anticipation that, ultimately, this series will lead to an improved way of thinking, behaving, and possibly the bridging of the situation gap (reader to non-reader/youth to age).

Suggested by many to be the “next American masterpiece”, Thee Book of Thermatic Briefalations in the Key of Life: Volume 1 is a work that, from start to finish, required approximately four decades to complete.

About the Author

Thee Bros. Rideman are a guild of artists, craftsmen, inventors, designers, writers, and manufacturers of handcrafted souvenirs. They chose the title of The Bros. Rideman because, indeed, in this series they intend to take their audience on a perpetual joyride, a “vacation” for the mind. Destination: “The Garden of Leden.”

Thee Bros. Rideman are E. Wideman, M. Wideman, C. Barge, K. McBeth, A. Brockington, and A. Wideman.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 130