Theadosa Returns To The Forest

By Linda Martin-Lopez
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After Princess Theadosa, an elf from the Crystal City, finishes her trial period in the forest, she is allowed to return to the forest as a wood elf for her life’s assignment. Theadosa Returns to the Forest continues Theadosa’s adventures on Earth and the experiences she encounters. This book is geared towards young women to encourage their strengths and belief in themselves. Unlike many other books written that have a female main character, this does not have a male counterpart showing her the way. Theadosa finds her own strength and abilities to conquer what befalls her. I hope that by reading about Theadosa, the reader will look inside themselves and find their inner strength and knowledge that they, too, can conquer what life may have in store for them.

About the Author

Linda Martin-Lopez was originally from Angola, New York but now resides in Las Vegas Nevada, with her husband Lawrence and their two dogs, Rhett and Scarlet. After many years in the workforce, Linda can now pursue her passion for writing. The inspiration for her works come from a long-lasting friendship and encouragement from her family. In addition to writing, Linda also enjoys sewing, crafting, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 202