The Zodiac Decoded

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Joseph Cappa

Finally, the true meaning of the Zodiac has been discovered! The ancient mystery has been solved!

A must read, especially by the younger generation who will one day inherit this planet. Author Joseph T. Cappa, Esq., unravels, step by step, the process he used in deciphering the zodiac, revealing its true meaning. Learn for yourself that the zodiac’s story applies to all people, and it provides a message of hope, particularly relevant in these unique times.

All readers, young and old, will agree that the Zodiac truly is the story of us!

About the Author

Joseph T. Cappa, Esq., is an attorney by profession, but a philosopher by nature—a true lover of knowledge and wisdom. He has a penchant for problem solving and enjoys learning as much as he can.
A family man with a wife, Sheryl, and three grown children, Cappa is a Rotary Paul Harris recipient and a member of Amateur Astronomers, Inc., particularly interested in the stars of the zodiac.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 114