The Yawn That Went Around The World Written And Illustrated By Caroline L. Deloreto

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The Yawn that Went Around the World
Written and Illustrated by Caroline L. DeLoreto

Have you ever wondered where your last yawn came from? Whom it had already visited? Or where it may travel to next? This book is a story in which you will travel around the world and back again, following a yawn being contagiously caught. Youll find yourself yawning and falling asleep as you, yourself, catch The Yawn That Went Around The World.

Caroline DeLoreto found her inspiration for this book ten years ago when her mom dropped her off at Bishop Diego High School and she yawned as she got out of the car. Caroline became curious as to where that yawn had come from and where it was traveling to next. Her mom said that sounded like a great childrens book and so the idea was born about The Yawn that Went Around the World. She hopes it will inspire your own curiosity about yawns and their mysterious way of traveling around.

About the Author

Caroline DeLoreto, MA in Education, lives happily with her husband Adam Taft in Santa Barbara, CA. She currently works as a Learning Specialist and an Outdoor Trip Coordinator at Santa Barbara Middle School. Caroline loves to seize the day by going mountain biking, journaling, planning trips, and traveling to learn about different cultures first hand. Carpe Diem

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 34