The Wyatts

By T.D. Piper
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About the Book

For millennia, four vampires have protected the Wyatt family of witches. In this duology, the stories of two Wyatt witches are told.

Maddie is a powerful witch with the gifts of telepathy, premonitions, telekinesis and the ability to freeze time. After a brutal attack from her abusive ex-husband, Maddie seems to be in a coma. But she has actually inhabited the body of her great-great-grandmother, Katerina. Maddie’s fiancé and brother learn from the mysterious vampire, Dmitri, that they must perform a dangerous reversal spell to bring Maddie home. The evil vampire, Dr. Castillo, will stop at nothing to end the Wyatt family forever. In the past, Maddie must fight to stay alive to return home to her loved ones.

In the 22nd century, Jade and Cody Wyatt live in the human prison camps set up by Dr. Castillo. Dmitri and his fellow vampire protectors search desperately for Jade, a witch with incredible powers, including the ability to read the minds of vampires. Once they rescue her, Jade and the handsome vampire, Keilor, must lead a rebellion against Dr. Castillo. But with constant betrayals and unexpected dangers, even with all her strength, Jade might not be able to win.

Filled with rich mythology, powerful witches and mysterious vampires, The Wyatts: Maddie, Katerina and Jade is an exciting new fantasy.

About the Author

T.D. Piper lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 314