The Worth of a Knight

By Maxmillian Wiegel
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The Worth of a Knight tells the story of Garnier, a man short on luck. Having just survived the Battle of Agincourt on the side of the French, he's a man adrift. His lord is dead, his country is about to be overtaken by an outside usurper, and he's wounded by an arrowhead. With nothing to look forward to, anything could be a possible way out of this. The proclivities for kindness, decency, and growth remain at the heart of Garnier despite everything he has been through.

The story is one of self-discovery, as well as moving beyond your preconceived notions about the world to see people as they actually are. What makes it unique in comparison to other stories are its setting and elements not found in many other such stories, like the high attention to detail paid to historically accurate clothing, tools, equipment, and even the dueling practices. This tale paints a vivid image of life during the early 15th century.

About the Author

Maxmillian Wiegel is a lifelong connoisseur of stories. As a child, he grew up on his family's stories of fabled lands and ancient heritages. He has always been a vociferous reader--especially of the fantasy and historical kind. Max is currently enrol led at the University of Michigan as a history major. He has been exposed to many aspects of the world's past, and the respect it ought to be paid. He has mainly studied European History, and he wrote this book in part during his studies at Oxford, hoping to capture the feel of the castles, ruins, and fields he visited during his time there. His hobbies include reading, writing, and experiencing the world. He also has amassed a collection of medieval reproductions, which proved essential in helping him to articulate and bring to life characters in this story.

Published: 2024
Page Count: 162

Customer Reviews

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Cham Smadi
Incredible Tale!

The Worth of A Knight is an amazing tale! The author's storytelling is very well-developed. The imagery is beautiful, and the emotional and physical stakes are compelling.

Great Novella

Amazing book! Max is such a great storyteller that I couldn’t put the book down!