The World Of Deatra

By Kathrine & Hilario D. Cardona-Andrade and Sonja Montoya-Frevele
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The unicorns’ heart beat wildly in her chest as she fought to escape her plight. Her horn glowing brightly as sweat slid down her sides dotting the ground like splattered blood. Golden hoofs dug deep into the soil propelling her forward into danger looming in the darkness. Panicked, she ran towards the safety of the dark woods. The unicorn made one final attempt to dodge the red ropes of magic that came at her from all directions, ropes thrown by evil sorcerers. She jumped to the side trying to dart past two more sorcerers seated on black horses. Only this time the move didn't work, and the red ropes landed around her neck, trapping her in a mysterious void of darkness and mist. The frightened unicorn reared up struggling to free herself refusing to give up hope. She could hear the dark sorcerers and their queen laughing at her futile struggles and cries for release. Lashing out with her hoofs she kicked something cold and clammy. Her eyes widened in horror for she found herself amongst the dead.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 128

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Sunny J
The World of Deatra

Phenomenally written book!! A must read!

Charming hash
Excellent content for kids

Very interesting for your children

Karen Owens
Great Book

I highly recommend this book if you are able to open your imagination to the realm of fantasy you will love this book.

The World of Deatra

I am obsessed with this book.

The World of Deatra

This book is very well written.