The Work

By William F. Simon
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About the Book

William F. Simon's The Work is an insightful story of the life of an alcoholic as he struggles with his addiction while searching for something to believe in. He shares anecdotes of his life growing up, and how he thinks his addiction came about. The events are not outlandish and could happen to anyone, though, possibly with different results.

At one point, the author becomes aware of something known as the 'Law of Attraction,' the premise of which is to ask, believe, and receive. He proceeds to describe the exact process, including the forming of string vibrations (thought energy) to be sent to the Universe, with the belief that the Universe will answer by providing that which is desired. He also shows a likeness to this same premise from the Bible, wherein you ask the Heavenly Father through prayer, believe, and receive with gratitude to God.

Whether you are 'religious' or simply 'spiritual' you will be able to see how these practices can affect lives, particularly those suffering from substance abuse addictions.

About the Author

One of five children, William F. Simon grew up in Philadelphia, later moving to New Jersey where he still resides. He has a high school education and also certification in auto and diesel truck repair/maintenance, but actually made his living in the food industry as lead donut operator, where he retired after 34 years of service.

In retirement, he began his writing career, which he now pursues full time and enjoys greatly.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 128