The Words Of Ahmose: The Magic Of Perfect Loving

By Elijah Mickel
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The Words of Ahmose: The Magic of Perfect Loving provides a vehicle for the reader’s learning as well as enjoyment, by exposing words of love to the reader to assist in their journey to self-knowledge. It is through self-knowledge that the reader will, hopefully, find the path to perfect loving. It is up to the consumer to choose an interpretation which can meet their needs. Hopefully what is chosen enhances their journey of finding perfect love.

About the Author

Elijah Mickel is a retired mental health therapist, educator, and university administrator. He has traveled extensively in Africa, from Kemet to Kenya. In addition, Mickel is a Vietnam veteran and has served as a disaster mental health volunteer. Mickel is an experienced speaker, consultant, and coach.

This book is the continuation of Mickel’s previously authored or co-authored works: African-Centered Reality Therapy; Two Plants, One Flower; Forty-eight to Eighty-four; Many Branches of Perfect Loving, and One Tree Many Branches: A Spiritual Perspective for Understanding Perfect Loving.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 174