The Word Works

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By:Gerald Gray

Learn the word of God from a trusted source. The Word Works will help one understand the complexity of God’s words through a collection of articles written by Gerald Gray. The interpretation that is presented in these articles are based solely on Scripture and not on his personal opinion—with a couple of exceptions where the Bible does not give us a clear understanding of the meaning. His hope is that this book will help someone to hunger and thirst for more of God and seek out the truths in His Word.

About the Author

Gerald Gray was born in Princeton, Kentucky in 1935. He grew up in the church, son of a deacon, and married the pastor’s daughter in 1962. Not getting satisfactory answers from church personnel; he began “in-depth” Bible study on his own. Gerald now lives in Washington, Illinois with his wife of 59 years and enjoys time with his grandson.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 102