The Woman Who Walked Alone

By Christine Wilson
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All I can do now is keep moving forward and keep finding ways to help others the best I can. Those were the moments when my life felt most fulfilled – the moments I could see the joy on someone’s face because of something I’d done for them. The moments where I showed God’s love. And in those moments, I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Christine Wilson grew up in a small town in the south during the 1940s. Growing up in a large poor family was difficult – but there was always enough love and support to go around. When she was eighteen, Christine left home to find her own way. She never imagined just how lonely that way would be.

At first, Christine’s life was exciting: she was a popular waitress, in love with a handsome soldier, and soon a mother. But he had lied about his divorce and returned to his wife – leaving Christine a single mother to two young boys. Spirited and determined, Christine provided for her family and eventually owned and managed a successful café. She thought she had found love with two other men, but found her sacrifices and support always met with betrayal.

In a life of struggle, Christine has had to walk away from failed relationships, dishonest men, and an abusive husband. In many trials, she has had to walk alone. But all has been worth it for her four treasured sons: Teddy, Ronald, Daniel, and Christopher. Loving them has given her life purpose and joy.

About the Author

Christine Wilson is the mother of four sons, two of whom are in heaven. She loves sharing God’s faith and continues to help others every chance she has. She wants this book to inspire those who feel alone to know nothing is too big for God.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 126