The Wit And Wisdom Of Pinelog

By Paul G. “Jerry” Snyder
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About the Book

Pinelog is the imaginative alter ego of Paul G. “Jerry” Snyder. Many of the stories within The Wit and Wisdom of Pinelog are sort of true. At least, as Pinelog recalls.

Ray is Ray Bolick. A neighbor up the road who is intolerant, opinionated, bullheaded, stubborn, downright crass, and a competitive old jock just like Pinelog. The two are good friends.

Another Ray is Pinelog’s brother-in-law, Ray Denmark. Many of these could have been addressed to him as well. Both Rays are now hopefully holding a place open for Pinelog behind those pearly gates.

The oft maligned character, Billy Bob, is one William Robert Carr, also known as Cool Breeze. He was an immediate friend the day he and Pinelog met. His wit and charm fell into a category of left space where definitions are not necessary.

The artwork within the book is by Pinelog’s friend and award-winning artist, Jim Bennet. Jim's greatly discovered talent began while he was recovering from prostate cancer. His painting of 9/11 was accepted by the White House and hung on the wall outside the West Wing.

The Pinelog Princess is Pinelog’s daughter, Kathy. She is Pinelog’s proofreader and computer technical advisor. Funny though, she doesn't have any of the same names for it that Pinelog does.

About the Author

Paul G. “Jerry” Snyder grew up in Western Pennsylvania, and through athletics and academics, graduated from Ohio University "Oh Lawde" with a degree in Journalism, Public Relations major. The Pinelog writings are a mix of fact, fiction, humor and wisdom dosed by a good ole country boy.

Snyder lived at the base of Pinelog Mountain, which is the first or last mountain in the Blue Ridge chain depending on which way you are going. Pinelog became Snyder’s alter ego. As a writer, using an alias frees you to say things you may not feel comfortable stating normally. Doing it in the form of a letter added another dimension.

Pinelog was a monthly column in North Georgia. With the help of the editorial staff, Snyder was able to remain anonymous for nearly ten years.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 138