The Whoozit Froozle Tea Party

By Jennifer Ott
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Even though they looked quite different, the Whoozits and Froozles lived happily together in Voovyville, and some were even the best of friends. One day, a problem arose, and life for the Whoozits and Froozles was about to change.

This is the story of two children from different backgrounds, appearances, and families, who recognize that our differences are what make us important. Celebrating these differences is necessary in order to keep Voovyville together.

About the Author

Jennifer Ott is a wife and mom, and she owns her own business. She is also a breast cancer survivor and an avid volunteer for cancer patients, even starting her own fundraiser benefitting the American Cancer Society called Fight Club for a Cure. She originally wrote this story for her nieces more than 10 years ago, but published it for her son.

Ott enjoys reading, writing and skiing, and she loves her family, her dog, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30