The Who-Man Chronicles: Random Thoughts Inside A Drug/Alcohol Rehab Or The ADH (Look A Shiny Ball) D Dream Book

By Patrick Miele
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Despite the words on the cover, the pages in no way are a type of a self-help rehabilitation guide, informative in any way, nor will you gain knowledge in any way. Instead, if you have ever been diagnosed with ADHD (or not and just went through undetected, as there are more out there than you think), there is absolutely no structure. Author Patrick Miele often changes direction in mid-thought, and there are no chapters more than about three pages long. If you get a "I never thought of that," "Yeah, he's right on there," “I hate it when that happens," or just a chuckle, then his intentions of The Who-Man Chronicles have been achieved. 

The entire memoire was written during a two-year off-and-on stint in drug/alcohol rehabilitation inpatient treatment programs. This was supposed to be his journal/notebook during sessions but he strayed a bit. Two years later these pages were compiled. As a people "observer," Patrick is intrigued by human behavior and some of the idiosyncrasies of society and these rehabs were an observer's utopia. If you don't comprehend the concept of "random" thoughts, you will by the time you finish reading these pages.

About the Author

Patrick Miele was a high school physical education/English teacher in the town of Westford, MA, for 26 years. He coached baseball, wrestling, golf, and volleyball during that time and bartended in various place all over Massachusetts. He ran summer camps and clinics as a form of fundraising for his school. Some of his demons and a major back surgery forced him to early retirement. He was a workaholic so when he early retired lull time was his worst enemy. As a result he really hit the bottle and his physical pain caused him to give up golfing and a Manchester, NH, baseball team he played for. Drinking got heavier with all his spare time and living alone after a recent divorce, which is why he ended up in the rehabs. 

Patrick currently lives in Worcester, MA. He takes an annual golf trip to the mountains of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire with a dozen of his friends from old baseball/softball teams. His family is from Billerica, MA; he has two sisters, Eva and Betty, and a brother, Bruce. He has a daughter, Amanda, 22 years old, who lives in Bridgewater, MA. 

Patrick went to Worcester State College, received a degree in English and Physical Education, and played baseball and started his bartending journey mistake, sticking with it for almost 40 years, but now he would be like a kid working a candy counter.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 248

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The Who Man Chronicles

This hits home with ADHD people like my self. He keeps all chapters less than 3 pages long as we know ADHD people can not focus much more than that, changes thoughts and subjects in middle of sentences and chapters and has no structure at all as intended. Its and ADHD dreambook