The Whiffle Ball Killer: A True Story And My Witness Statement

By Karen Roberts
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The Whiffle Ball Killer is an account through the eyes of a young woman from a different culture living in the area of the Green River Killings. She details her turbulent life with her husband and her suspicions about him, all while navigating the damaging string of misunderstandings in dealing with local and federal agencies and seeking help to escape an abusive marriage.

About the Author

Karen Roberts attended Green River Community College from 1983 to 1984 when the Green River killings took place. She graduated from Highline Community College with an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education, from Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, and as the book points out, is only one class from graduating with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. One class she will never be able to finish. She was married and divorced twice. She has two children.

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"I found your book! I can't put it down! ...I must tell you your book is phenomenal! I have never in 67 years read a book in its entirety so quickly! I only put it down to sleep." ~ Yvonne

 "I got your book the next day after the last lunch. I couldn't put it down. But I had to make dinner and eat and sleep, etc. So it took me two days to finish it. You are a great writer. The only other book I couldn't put down was "Go Ask Alice". My best friend had a somewhat similar situation in the 1980s, only she married a rapist. And they were living with me. So much to talk about."

Published: 2022
Page Count: 110