The Wednesday Baby

By Tamara A. Rowsell
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Children are little angels sent to bring joy and spontaneity to their parents lives. They are a bundle of joy that compounds laughter, tears, surprises, excitement, and a fountain of love. As some people say, the day a child is born represents the kind of character that child will have.

There is Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and finally, there is Wednesday.

In The Wednesday Baby, Tamara A. Rowsell shares a short yet delightful narrative filled with creative and colorful illustrations children will love. Each day presents not only bright colors to attract the eyes but also individual stories showing various shapes and descriptive words appropriate for an educational setting.

Learning the days of the week has never been easier than this.

About the Author

A native of Victoria, Tamara Rowsell currently lives in Kalgoorlie, W.A., Australia. Tamara enjoys writing, art, her pets and other animals, sports, fitness, and travel.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 30