The Way It Was: And Where We Are Now

By Barbara M. Sobey, RN, CCE, former IBCLC
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Barbara Sobey was always curious as to how women gave birth and cared for their babies centuries ago, or on wagon trains heading west with little water available. Having had babies 29 years apart, she lived through many changes in birth and infant care herself and decided to.

Today, mothers automatically expect their partner will be with them for the birth and baby will room-in. It was the last generation of women in the 1980s and 1990s who fought for those rights.

Barbara is now eighty years old. In many small ways she was involved with aiding those changes in childbirth to occur. There is still more to do in humanizing birth, but she leaves that up to the current generation.

About the Author

Barbara M. Sobey, RN, CCE, former IBCLC, attended a LaLeche League meeting the first Tuesday in May 1965, an organization that gives support and practical advice on breastfeeding. It was a meeting that changed so many things in her life. She became a Leader herself and

Barbara’s experience as a LaLeche Leader prepared her to take the Lactation Consultant exam in 1986. She recertified every five years until 1996. As an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and RN, Barbara was able to work for thirty years as a hospital lactation consultant. Because of a speech that she gave at a La Leche League conference, she was asked to speak at a Metropolitan New York Childbirth conference, which encouraged her to become a childbirth instructor. Her children became involved with 4-H, which resulted in Barbara becoming a leader for 25 years. She has had a busy life, but her biggest satisfaction is her family. She always wanted a dozen children. The Lord blessed her with fifteen babies, but he took back two and her oldest son at the age of 31. Thus he left her with twelve very precious people, and she wishes she could go back in time to when her house was full of noise and laughter.

Barbara now spends her time at more age-appropriate activities. She works at her church thrift shop and crochets Afghans that she donates to a local hospital at Christmas for those who have no family. After raising thirteen children, Barbara has been blessed with 21 great-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

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Published: 2023
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