The Waking: Book Two: The Saviors Of Persal

By Margaret Lott
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Three women from the twenty-first century world have been stranded in an alternate world similar to medieval Europe. On top of that, they've found that their presence is vital to freeing Persal from the dark influence of the evil wizard Barakus. Now, they are frantically searching for anything that can help them achieve their goal. As the women begin relating to the men thrust into their new life, they are also challenged to become more than they dreamed they could be. Everywhere they turn, there are new dangers. Each of the women brings a unique perspective to their new world and each other. The men in the story will soon realize that they should never underestimate a woman on a mission.

About the Author

Margaret Lott was born in Sacramento, California in 1948. She currently resides in Corsicana, Texas with her husband and two dogs. She is the grandmother of seventeen. Margaret is a retired tax accountant. She is finally able to pursue her lifelong yearning to write novels.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32